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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mommy must haves Mondays!

It's Monday again readers, time for another product recommendation! Today I recommend......

This little gem helped us out a lot in the first few months. My sister actually read/saw something about this timer, so I looked it up. I registered for it on my baby registry. We received it, as a gift, about 2 weeks after Vivienne was born. OMG!!! It helped out soooo much!!! We were so sleep deprived that we would forget how long it had been since last feeding. Of course, V would always let us know but the timer sure helped out.

The concept of the timer is simple. Press the button for the function you just completed. There is a button for sleep, eat, diaper change and an (*) for "parent's choice". I used the (*) button for the last time I pumped. Some people use the (*) button to know how long it was since the last dose of medication was given. Let's say you want to keep track of how long the baby naps. You press the ZZZ button when the baby goes down for nap. Then the timer will count how long the baby has been asleep. The diaper button helped us know how long after a feeding she would pee. In the beginning, when breast feeding wasn't going so smoothly, we wanted to keep track of her wet diapers.  It also has a L & R switch at the bottom so you can remember which boob you nursed the baby on last. :)

It also has a cool "flashlight" on it that we used a lot. It's small in size and fits in the palm of your hand much like a cellphone. It beeps when you push the button but you can turn that feature off. It has a clip on the side which came in handy when we were on the go. We clipped it to her diaper bag and turned on the lock feature so the timers wouldn't get pressed during travel.

I highly recommend this timer!!! I think it's a great shower gift and especially so for parents of multiples! The key to using Itzbeen is to REMEMBER TO PUSH THE BUTTONS!! :)

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